Choosing My Book Series Title: THE PROJECT E.D.E.N. SERIES

The Project EdenTitle2When I was writing my book I decided to skip over the title. In fact I am still coming up with the individual book title, but that’s a blog for another day. When writing a book I think it is the last thing that should be focused on. Of course there are always a few exceptions. The reason why I didn’t want to think about the title was because I didn’t want that to limit my writing. I wanted to see where the book would take me. In the end it worked out.

Halfway through my novel I realized my purpose with this story. I wanted something scintillating filled with different variables; romance, suspense, Action, adventure….and so on. I didn’t want to just be in one category for one audience. I wanted my writing to speak to many people in different ways. By the time I figured out how to appeal to the main audience I wanted (young adult) I started playing around with words that would spark interest.

To understand my title you must know a s little about my story. My book series is about a dystopian society disguised as Utopia to its citizens. After doing all my research on the creation of this society I found that people were paying the god-like role by tainting genes within the human bodies to create special abilities among the citizens of Initium. This city in my mind was far away from all other civilizations and was filled with technology that was integrated with living organisms. There are many other reasons why I think Eden correlates to the city the government created but I like to leave that to the readers own interpretation, I simply just provide a lead for the mind to build on.

I like a good conspiracy, so naturally I knew that this city was a project created by the government. The next thought was what can I turn Eden into; I wanted to be more edgy. At my work we use so many acronyms that it drives me crazy. Even for regular words we created acronyms based off of training employees on how to handle customers. So I thought why can’t Eden be an acronym. It took me several days but in the long run I found my words within the word that put together everything the government was planning to do in order to cerate the environment they wanted for their own purposes.

E.D.E.N. = Evolutionary Development within Electronic Nanotechnology

What a mouthful. So natural saying E.D.E.N. is much easier. What I love about my title is that it is detailed and yet simplified. It can appeal to just about anybody since we all understand the origin of Eden. I hope that you find my series title intoxicating enough to follow me and learn about the publishing process as I experience it. Of course my ultimate goal is that you will find my writing unique and want to buy that book when it comes out early 2013.


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