There is this child who is innocent. The world tells him he is capable of everything that he wants. He just has to have the motivation and knowledge to get there. His parents however tell him that if he wants it he needs to steal it. That everyone else will sacrifice if he gets what he thinks he should have.

What do you do?

Nothing. His parents are his own in the end. We didn’t make that rule…its just biology and our governments law. Physical abuse, if brought out to the right people, may not be tolerated. Verbal on the other hand is overlooked. His parents lead a life of drugs, lust, and deceit. He watches them and learns. Schools teach him knowledge, reward him for his good behaviors, punish him for unwanted behaviors. This works until he sees mom and dad dealing and stealing instead of working.

He will grow up and find no use for the educational system. His parents found no use for it and they get by. His grandparents have loved him from the day they set their eyes on him. They wanted to do nothing but protect and shelter him. They lost in the biological game. His soul could have been given to better parents had this child not been born into his current family. In another life with good role models he would have been a wonderful man but instead he will cut corners because that is what he has learned.

Maybe he will have a chance if his parents wouldn’t push out those who love him. As he grows older he will lose those who wanted to protect him. He will be left to his own thoughts leaving him empty and uneducated. He doesn’t know a better life. His parents were not always around as they were incarcerated from time to time. In his grandparents hands he was given the opportunity. Then his parents became greedy. They needed their childs love because they don’t know how to create real love without manipulation.  They let random “friends” care for this child and when they were around they were too fascinated by the television to take a moment and actually play with their child.

So here this man child is. Alone and empty. He thinks the world owes him something. At one point it did. The world owed him better parents or a better government system to provide him with the right guardians who at one time were there. One day he will grow up and in the end it will be his choice to change if he has the will. It is possible but also impossible to break away from his nature.

In the end the children are our future. While genetics play a big part in personality, the environment will dictate how they use their personality.


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