You never know when some crazy or even mundane thought will spark your creative intellect. One minute I am driving to work while my mind wanders and all of a sudden a moment of ingenious hits me. I take that thought and live it out in my head. Perhaps it is a situation, place, or a characters perspective finally reaching out to me. Whatever it is seems to grow inside my mind like it has its own life force. I feel as if I could be dead and my characters would still exist as long as I at one time had these thoughts and remembered them.

Since I find that sometimes my best ideas come from my busiest times when I have not one hand to write with I had to figure out how to deal. After all, you never know when your characters will take you hostage.

The most simplest device is a small notebook that stays in my purse with a pen. So no matter what, I have something to quickly write down my thoughts when I don’t have time to get to a computer. This is very useful. The only hassle is remembering my genius moment and then putting it in with all the other side notes I have made to utilize those thoughts later.

A great option while driving or walking around, or really at anytime doing anything, where you have no time to write is an application called Evernote. You can install it on most smartphones. On the android os you can make it a widget so you can easily press the record button on one of your home screen. You can also install this app on your computer or access it through the web. This program is virtually anywhere in the electronic world. Other options would be a voice recorder of course. I just prefer Evernote because I can also translate my notes and random thoughts into documents that I can access at any given time or place.

I also keep a journal by my bed so that if I have a dream I can remember to write it down. It doesn’t matter how trivial or ridiculous the dream. You never know where inspiration can come from.

Overall you have to take any inspiration at any time of the day and save it. Sometimes if you let just a minute pass from your thoughts to real actions you will lose it; and that is a shame. A moment of genius can be lost in an instant. That little thought could have changed the outlook of your plot or characters. So as a writer it is important to be prepared and have tools you can easily access to express yourself.


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