The biggest obstacle that I have still yet to overcome, and never will, is drama. It’s amazing how people crave the attention and demand to bring you into their madness. We all struggle with this. Sometimes we create it and other times we are forced by other relationships to be involved and play the game.

I’m not what I call a drama creator. There has only been one destination in my mind and that is finding inner peace. I try to do the right thing. Blend in with society, continuously advance in my career, pay my bills on time, and I try my best to keep the right people in my life but that can usually be a complete miss.

Choosing friends are difficult because sometimes the people you should hang out with don’t seem to carry a connection to you. For those who create drama the connection is completely open waiting for their next mental homicide. I attract these people. I assume it is because I am usually quiet and keep to myself therefore I am an easy target if someone tries harder than me to be friends. They get you in just the right way, sort of like a con artist. First it is all fun. You find that you have so much in common, whether you really do or don’t, and then things began to change. Or at least you think something changed but in reality nothing was ever what you thought it was. Words are manipulated into deceitful actions. One day when you just can’t take it you walk away and shut everything out worrying about what else they can do to you and what they have done that you don’t know about.

The bigger problem is the drama creators that are forced into our lives. You don’t want them there but for some reason you can’t get rid of them. Perhaps they are your family or maybe they are an extension to them brought on by the creation of children or matrimony. This is the one type you can’t get rid of unless you sever ties to your bloodline. The question then is….Do you have what it takes? I don’t.

These people tend to suffocate everyone they come into contact. They take the sweetest of things, like a child, and use them maliciously to take advantage of the lifestyle you created. They always want things that they can’t hold  on to; Money, gifts, shelter or your reputation.

The song Sweet Dreams has put it very simply: Everybody’s looking for something, Some of them want to use you, Some of them want to be used by you.

It is hard to watch someone you love be used in a game of wants and needs. Some people just never think of the children and how they grow based on what they see. These poor kids will usually become the worst part of what is around them. How can love be pushed around from place to place and held hostage from others that love them simply to get what they don’t deserve.? Yet there is nothing you can do but be submerged in their darkness as you try to reach out to those that hang in the balance and just HOPE that some how things will turn out okay.

So what do you do when you are a victim of a continuos flow of deceit? You grow numb and let your skin become thick and callous so you don’t fall for traps. You keep your distance and take what ou can get. You think about anything else to get your mind off of it.

If your life is filled with drama and it is from friends you need to get away and never look back. You will be happier in the end. If it is family and you can’t leave them… then all you can do is only lend a hand when it is on your terms. Life is to short to let someone else control you.


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