Defining a Superhero

What made me think of this topic???? The Avengers started this conversation at work.

I am full of opinions and this blog is simply created to dissolve my thoughts of what defines a superhero from a hero to a vigilante. I think that the word Superhero is a bit overused and it makes certain “heroes” or vigilantes seem more sought after than they should be.

The most overused part is the word HERO. There are lots of hero’s in life for all sorts of reasons; and sometimes people are only heroes to certain people and not the masses. What is a hero? I think it is someone who goes above and beyond their job because it is the right thing to do even if it risk everything they have. Usually it is a person who risk their life to save another.

Superhero-is exactly as it states. You take the person that did the heroic actions upon multiple times and you label the word super because they did things that most people can’t physically do. For example; Superman is a Superhero because he performs heroic actions on a regular basis by using abilities that the average human doesn’t have. Hence, if Krypton wasn’t destroyed and Superman, aka. Kal-El, still lived there he would not be a Superhero because the average population has the same genetics.

Vigilante is a word that should be used in replace of hero when the person performing the heroic actions is doing it selfishly for themselves before they do it for anyone else. They may risk their life but it is only because they are reckless, careless, and/or enjoy the adventure. A vigilante can be someone to admire however they are not superheros, or even heroes, in my book because they are thrill seekers.

So lets break down the “Superhero’s” that brought up my blog.

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is a vigilante. Sure he displays heroic actions but it is only after the fact that he realizes what is in it for him, or how much fun it would be, or sometimes to clean up a mess that he created. Super is out of the question because he built a robotic mechanism that can be created for anyone to use. He is just a genius to that extent.

Captain America is a Superhero because he was genetically mutated to be stronger and faster. He does things out of the good of his heart. Therefore he risk his life because it must be done!

Batman is a Hero. He is not genetically altered, he is just well trained, therefore he is not super. Unlike Ironman, Batman keeps his true identity hidden because he is doing it for the people; not himself. Once again, he too has cool gadgets but those gadgets can be used for anyone.

Hulk can’t even qualify for anything in my opinion. He seems more like the average guy with crazy abilities and rage.

Those are just a few of the comic book heros. I could go on all day about each one of them but then I would have a novel written so I will stop here. I just wanted to detail my opinion of a title that is used to freely  and therefore tends to not hold as much weight when just thrown on to any hero-like character.


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