Transferring Contacts From Mobile 2 Mobile

The most common transaction at a wireless store, other than paying a bill, is transferring contacts. This always takes place after a phone is sold or when a customer comes in with a new or old phone that they got activated elsewhere. As tech savvy as I am I always think about how customers are wasting gas by driving for this process when they may have the technology to help them from home. Of course there are some old phones that people still carry around that my information may not be helpful for but if you have a phone from the past several years then you may find my advice helpful. My goal is to educate as many customers as I can so that they have a good experience with their wirelss devices and do not see the new phone as a process to get through.

Keep in mind that not all phones operating systems do things the same way. So my directions may need to be tweaked for your model.

Bluetooth: The most common method for phones. I know this does not work for iphones and most blackberries. However it works for a majority of basic phones and most smartphones (mainly android).

  • Go to your phones settings/tools and TURN ON bluetooth on both phones.
  • For the phone receiving contacts, while in the bluetooth options, make your phone visible.
  • Go to the old phones contacts. There should be an option or menu. When you go into those options look for SEND CONTACTS (or some variation of those words). Hopefully when you press that the next option will be SELECT ALL. (I have seen some phones with only the option to send one contact at a time which would be tedious.) Then proceed by pressing the next popup which is usually SEND or OK or DONE.
  • If you get a pop up on either phone for a passcode or PIN then the answer is almost always 0000.
  • If the receiving phone gets any other messages about receiving contacts press accept.
  • Everything at that point should transfer over.

SIM Cards: If you have TMobile, ATT or Nextel IDEN you can see if the old SIM card could stay activated and just swap the sim card in the phone. Most Nextel phones automatically saves all contacts to the SIM. ATT and TMobile will have an option either in their settings or in the menu of their contacts to transfer any contacts stored on phone memory to SIM card.

Memory Card Transfer: This works for most high-end androids. Key is to be switching from android to android and both phones must be able to use memory cards. My directions are from an HTC and Samsung model that I own. Phone manufactures may do it differently.

  • Memory card is in old phone.
  • Go to contacts.
  • Press your menu option.
  • Press: Import/Export
  • Press Export to Memory Card.
  • Put memory card in NEW phone.
  • Go to contacts.
  • Press your menu option.
  • Press: Import/Export
  • Press Import to phone.

iCloud: This is for the iphone user. If you sign into the icloud on your iphone (settings, icolud) then sign into the icloud on your new iphone.

Gmail: This works for all androids. When getting a new android phone you should first sign into the gmail account before putting contacts so that they will automatically save to GMAIL. If your phone does not ask you to always save contacts with gmail then go to your contacts menu, then go to settings and change your storage option to the gmail account. When you get your new android you can sign into the gmail and they will appear within 5 minutes.

In conclusion there are many unique ways to transfer contacts these days but not all work on all manufacturers or operating systems. The important thing is to be proactive with your contacts when you first get a phone. If your phone comes with software to back the contacts on your computer then DO IT…otherwise if you loose the phone you will wish you had. If your phone offers a cloud service just don’t forget your username or password. I hope that this will help anyone who is looking at being proactive to save their information and for those who don’t want to waste a trip to the phone store and wait to be helped.

Time is of the essence, work smarter not harder.


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