Query Letters

Query letters are exactly as they sound in the book publishing industry. As a writer you need to take your hard work and convert it into an eye-catching one pager. This is the next step after you have finished your manuscript and perhaps takin the initiative to get an editor involved.

Scary, right? I struggled with this. Truthfully I can not say to much about this topic other than what my plans were for it but I lucked out and through a friend I was able to meet a publisher who wanted to read my book based on how someone was bragging about how their girlfriend wouldn’t spend any time with him since she received my book. Thanks to my wonderful friends I was blessed to find Armaud Cooper @followthe_libra.

My experience goes to show you how important it is to have contacts. With the right contact you may have one less headache haunting you. If you don’t have a publisher in mind willing to read your work because they heard good things or like you….then let me give you a few pointers to get you in the right direction.

A query letter is difficult. I spent a week coming up with a one page synopsis of a 400 page book. That disgusted me. Here I had slaved for a year on writing a book like no other and I had to dumb it down. I had to hope that I captured there attention because obviously writing a summary doesn’t equate to how good or even bad your book is.

Let’s look at the literary agent/publishers perspective so that perhaps you can understand this feeling of alienation you may come to grips with as you ponder condensing your story. the average agent/publisher gets 1000 of queries a week. There are usually 1-5 people in an office reviewing queries looking for one that fits into their niche. They have a tough job because they don’t have the time to read every manuscript and they have to judge you on a few measly paragraphs.

The biggest issue is not just condensing you hard work but it is capturing a persons attention to read it. You have to sell your book against others!

I have 1 pointer:

  • Follow @QueryShark or goto http://queryshark.blogspot.com/

This is an amazing resource. Probably the best one ever. People submit their queries to them and within months their query is posted with any advice or corrections needed and they will allow you to revise until you are through with their assistance.

Good luck! It is a time consuming process. Worst case scenario take a chance on yourself and self-publish. The worst people can do is tell you NO, and for me that is not good enough, someone will sa YES.



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