Recommendation For Books on Publishing

On the road to pursuing your dreams sometimes you have to do things not as exciting. On writing a book it is important to be knowledgeable about the publishing field and what is needed to make you and your book a success.

Some may want to know: how to write a book in the first place.; how to find a publisher; how to self-publish; and how to get your book into the readers hands (the hardest one).

For myself I already knew how to write the book. That was done. I needed to figure out all of the above. Just remember, and trust me these books remind you, writing is the easiest part. Creating something from your imagination is the easiest cause it is all you. Everything else….you need help with.

So I have read a lot of books in the past 6 months. Originally my plan was to soak in all the information about finding a publisher. Which meant I had to learn what they expected of my book before it got in their hands. That also led me to the fact that I had to find a literary agent if I wanted a BIG BOY publisher.

I recommend the following books for finding a publisher:

Christine Rose’s book is good for getting a general and generic idea about all kinds of publishing ventures, self-publishing, marketing & advertising. She offers this book in an ebook. The Jeff Herman’s Guide book is a must need if you are looking for a publisher. Every year there is a new edition so hold off on buying it until you’re ready to seek out an editor/literary agent/publisher. This book contains almost all the people you need to contact and how to contact them with what they want. It also gives you great tips on how to make impressions, manuscript setups, and query letters.

If you have exhausted your search for a publisher and you know that an audience exist for your book then self-publish. I am in between the concept of a publisher and self-publishing. Fate led my book into the hands of Armaud Cooper, @followthe_libra . He owns a publishing company for various types of arts/media and I will be the first book he is going to publish. So it is an exciting world for both of us. I am soaking as much knowledge as possible on all publishing aspects because I’m not the type of person who is going to write and wait for someone to tell me what to do. I have a hunger for knowledge and I want to be proactive. When people talk to me I would prefer to talk at their same level.

So if you are like me or have not found the help that I have and you NEED to know everything about publishing, then rest assured I have found some AMAZING books.

Dan Poynter’s Manual was liberating. I learned so much more than everything I have read out there. He even provides a checklist of things that need to be done and when. Depending on how savvy you are int he publishing business and what kind of contacts you have access to I would also look into the other books he recommends. He also provides a website full of other helpful information that he has found since the book was published. 

I have mixed feelings for John Lockes book. I like his idea and I could see how almost any writer could do the same. However one would have to publish at least 3  books to roll with his concept and be okay with pricing your hard work at .99 cents while maintaining a strong presence in social networking. He has obviously proven his diligent plan to be a success however it is not for me. I feel that for the cliental I am seeking I will do better following the approaches that most publishers go through; what other books explain to do. The other two books were a lot of rereading from the other books I mentioned. I guess when you learn so much already you will run into nothing but repeats but overall they gave a few interesting tidbits that were helpful. 

I hope that you have found my recommendations helpful. My aim is to make other writer’s life out there a bit easier. It is hard finding where to start so please follow my blog to get more helpful advice. If anyone out there has other recommendations please comment.



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