Saphira: My First Character Emerging Forth

Before there was a Project E.D.E.N. Series there was a girl; besides me of course. When thinking about writing a story I aimed for someone similar to me so that I could be more connected to the story and understand why my character reacts as she does. Between that mindset and several characters later I was left with a different persona than I had intended. My character may have had pieces of me but she had grown into her own person, aka character.

Initially I thought of a girl with very little defining physical characteristics. She had an amazing ability that developed the person who she is today. This ability helped cause her to further lack self-confidence in herself, like most girls, but she was still very strong-willed. She didn’t let anyone push her down. No matter what life gave her she took what she could from the scraps in hopes that she would have clarity in the end. She was sweet on the inside but she didn’t want the world to know that, so she protects herself in a sarcastic and witty conversational tone.

Her name is Saphira due to the brilliant blue of her sapphire eyes. She has long black straight hair and olive toned skin. Due to her magnificent ability she must keep rubber gloves upon her hands in fear of electrocuting someone unknowingly. This is the Saphira I met in my dreams. She had a lot of personality traits I was building on; only they were more intense and prominent in my dream. I remember she was running away from someone but I didn’t know who. Another night I had the same dream, thanks to the power of thought, only I saw who was chasing her. It was a boy. He wasn’t like other boys though. He was stronger and when Saphira electrocuted him nothing happened. That’s when things got really interesting. I finally had a definitive face to go with the ideas I had in mind. I also had a love interest and a suspenseful story I had to understand.

So I wrote about this boy from Saphira’s perspective. I had so many questions circulating my mind. Who was this boy? What else can he do? Where did they get their powers. Months upon months later I found so much more than this destined couple. I found a story line mixed with conspiracies built upon anguish and suffering. I found other relationships that were powerful and enchanting to entertain for future books. Then I realized that talking in a girls perspective was too effortless and since she was the outcast of the family it was limited to many points of view. I need a challenge and something different to offer an audience. Not to mention this boy has an ability so incredible that I wanted to experience everything through his eyes. After all, dream walking sounds like a continuous amazing journey.

Most fantasy and science fiction books I have read are in the womens perspective. It gets old sometimes because you know how the girl feels, you feel like you are her, and its effortless to go into that mindset. It is also very easy to see when an author goes out of characteristic and becomes too generic. It would, and has been, more interesting to read it from a male’s narrative.

Looking from his eyes I saw Saphira differently. She was still the same timid girl I imagined. She was an angel in his dark ‘walking’ life. After toying with his narrative I realized, why not write from the emerging heroes perspective with a strong female heroine who helps him be as great as he can be.

Thank you Saphira for leading me to Cedric. I don’t think I will ever find a character more pleasing to write about in the way he thinks– down to the abilities he has been forced to live with.


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