Ashes Fall Down Upon Us: R.I.P. Uncle Johnny

On Easter Sunday I lost someone who became a piece of my heart long ago. He was my godfather and uncle. One of the best men to have ever known would be my Uncle Johnny. He had a heart of gold and a care free attitude. Something that we all need, if not permanently, from time to time.

Today I will share my memories that will be the only reminder of his existence echoing from inside me.

I remember the large tiger he got me. I can’t remember if it was for when I was born or in my first year. What I do remember is that tiger was 10 times the size of me. I kept that tiger throughout most of my childhood till the stuffing began to implode.

Most of my memories stem from the years I lived in Connecticut, and the long summers we spent there after. Uncle Johnny would take us kids on my poppy’s SEA-DOO. He would do doughnuts in the water that would eventually throw us all into the ocean. He filled our tummies with clams that my poppy, father, and him use to plunder for. Which obviously makes me also think of my dearly departed poppy, please let him rest in peace if that is possible.

I remember the vacation we had in Disney World. More importantly

I remember he was there during some of my most important accomplishments in life. He came all the way down from Michigan to watch me get my college diploma.

The last time I saw him was around the same time last year when my fathers side of the family went up to Lordship, Connecticut  for a remembrance of my late grandmother who passed away right before I was born. I am thankful that we took that trip last year otherwise my last memory would be a lot older and even more faded.

Uncle Johnny, I hope that if heaven does exist you are there with your parents. I hope everyone who has passed on will be waiting at that gate. At the very least I hope that you are at peace. That your health concerns are now at rest in the physical body allowing you to soar far away from all the troubles of the world. So while my heart stops a moment to break for your loss I know that I will heal it one day with what you brought to this world; the love of life and an attitude that says screw the world and just be happy.


2 thoughts on “Ashes Fall Down Upon Us: R.I.P. Uncle Johnny

  1. Hi Britt..
    This was so nice and loved reading it. I wish we had more time with him and just like you a lot of my memories were from growing up on the boat in Lordship, and all the clamming and fishing trips! I’m so grateful that we got to spend last year with him for Aunt Diane’s birthday. I know that he is with Big John and Nana and all those other Mauritz’s up there 🙂 Love you and Always here if you need me! XOXO

    Cousin Jen

    • Looks like we will be meeting soon again. It will be nice to visit the family. However every time I go it is for some kind of memorial. I need to book a real vacation in CT some day so it doesn’t become dark and gray in my mind 🙂 I miss those boating days. We will never have them again, not in the same way. Glad to have the memories.

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