It’s amazing that when you find something you love to do and then you find that you have to also become versatile in things you thought you would never do before; just to support what you love. So in publishing a book the biggest issue of making it a success is not letting the world know about it. The internet has made this very easy to advertise and market but unfortunately everyone knows how to do it. So you have to get connected in one of the dozens of social lifestyles on the web and you have to find a way to be heard.

Facebook was no problem for me. In 2005 when I started at Kennesaw State University I had to waste my time by taking a freshmen seminar class for a WHOLE semester. I couldn’t believe that they wasted my money and time to have an hour class twice a week for one whole semester about getting through college. If there is one thing I could take away from that colossal waste of time it would be Facebook. That was the first class to mention a social network that could connect you with classmates to help out in projects and so on. Didn’t help me with that but it sure did reconnect me with hundreds of people from high school and college.

Twitter is a whole other world from Facebook. As a first time user I found it difficult to understand.

First off I have hardly any followers. My issue is that people I want to find don’t always put there name in for you to search. My biggest problem is that people I know don’t even have twitter. So I am basically building my social network blindly hoping to attract followers eventually.

What could help is that I have finally learned what the hell a hashtag is. Once I realized I could put a # before practically any word, so that more people would notice, I have been doing it in every post. Maybe it will attract more people, we will see. This blog also gets posted on twitter as well as Facebook so I hope it will also attract people to my blog.

Where I stand right now is pathetic in terms of followers, a lowly 10. While I have over 200 friends on Facebook I can’t seem to keep up on twitter. Time will change that as I continue to reach out to the web of networks. If you have any advice on how to expand the twitter network please comment. Until then I will keep building and the only thing that can stop me is death itself. I’m pretty sure there is no internet in the after life. That is one of the biggest reasons I am in no hurry to get there.


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