Problems Writing About Me

So there are many things to do when publishing, as I have mentioned. One of the steps is creating a bio for various social accounts and eventually for the cover jacket of the book. I have to say that between this, and coming up with a summary for a 400 pg book, is the most difficult thing of the whole process. I know how to summarize a lot of things unless it is about me. I either don’t get personal enough or I am too personal. I can’t seem to find that middle.

My issue is not that I don’t know myself but I don’t know how to write about myself and make it enticing. Another issue is that throughout life, as most people, I have to be what other people want me to be in order to be successful and make a living. At least in the career path I am on. In sales retail I have to be the pleasant robot who says things just the right way in order to not offend someone. I must have my HR cap on, which is the most difficult when around women because I have worked with men for the past 10 years. I am a bit vulgar but I know who I am allowed to do so with. Of course you would never guess that from my book series. When writing my book I am never exactly me. Obviously my experiences and knowledge surround what I write but I am always in the mindset of the character. Cedric would love to swear but he finds his audience may not appreciate it so he sticks to a pg-13 language. lol.

So here I am this week trying to put things together. I have to create a bio for my wordpress, my facebook fan page, and of course a statement for that 160 words of twitter. I can’t even sum myself up in a page, how the heck am I going to sum me up in 160 words and yet be interesting enough to attract the right people. It is amazing how hard it is to pick the right words for myself. When I am Cedric, in my book, things are so natural. My fingers just mold around the keys. When it is about me I freeze up and nothing in my life seems significant enough to tell, and that is not true. There are so many things interesting that I have seen and done. I have traveled abroad. I purchased a foreclosed house which is always going to have projects. I have a family full of drama and I work in a place that always has something new and scandolous going on. However I can’t seem to figure out what is worthy to put down in the virtual world.

So I find it easy to document a moment like I am now. I am being very detailed because this is a subject about how I can’t write about myself. No pressure on summing up a big thing like my life or a 400 pg book. Just a few paragraphs to vent about a singular issue.

Eventually I’ll figure it out. Thankfully i have a wonderful editor @thomasson_engl who is going to look over my bio’s before they go public. Out with the old one’s and in with the improved. That is the plan.

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