I am sure that everyone who does indulge in writing novellas or novels have a certain way they write in the sense of what order they work in to get to the finished project. I have read bio’s of many authors who claim that after they wrote the first book they found it easier to organize the way they write in the second.

So how did I start and continue forth:

Coming up with the concept is the hardest, for me the funnest, part of the book. Sure, one day you wake up with an idea and you jot it down. Then as I found it more interesting than reality I ended up with organized chaos, a handful of characters and various predicaments. I spent many months writing down ideas at first. Even some of the ideas I came up with are still tucked away in a safe place for the rest of the books in the series (can’t show all your cards at once).

So while I was writing ideas and discovering my characters past, that made them who they are today, I had written what is now today known as Chapter 3 to Chapter 8. I got that far and had all these other incredible ideas. So I stopped for a while and meditated for months on this story. Which for me has become more than a story, it is my life. So after realizing that there was more to this story than meets the eye, realizing what I wanted to do in my future books of the series, I trashed pretty much everything (only used it for a guide). I found better ways to transition my characters stories and made things less complex then they needed to be. For instance, Cedric and Saphira were initially going to separate schools and he switched schools when he dream walked her and realized what she was capable of.

From that point it was one sentence after another. If I had an incredible idea that didn’t fit with what I was doing I went into my Evernote account (which is on my phone, computer, and any other computer connected to internet) and I organized the ideas by which book I considered them to go in. Once my rough draft was finished I re-read it to clean up any noticeable grammar, and to thicken up the story in some parts. Then I decided I couldn’t edit any more. Too impossible. When I read it I knew I was skipping over mistakes because I was too entertained when reading to notice or I was so used to the story that I didn’t realized I repeated myself from another chapter, or perhaps was not consistent enough.

So the book sat there for a few months while I tried to figure out how to get a publisher, which I found with Armaud Cooper @followthe_libra. Then he helped me get an editor, Andrew Thomasson @Thomasson_engl, who is helping me make this the best it can possibly be.

So now, after writing down a timeline that consist of 4 bullet points I have already completed half of the second book using the same process, only with a plot and already developed characters (making it easier). I just visualize things like they are really happening, in front of my face or in my head lol. Then I proceeded with each sentence. If I do get stuck on how I want a conversation to go then I may put in BOLD , add detail, so that when I read the rough draft I can amp it up.

Writing is not a process to me, but a journey in the making, waiting to be unleashed.


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