There are so many things to do when publishing a book. Some things you should know about me is that I am a hard worker, determined, motivated and I have varying interest which lead to me learning things I never thought I would learn before simply because I wanted to understand the process.

So writing the book was easy. I didn’t have to read anything about writing because it was just instinctive. Grammar….thankfully I have been given a great editor who can catch any hideous mistakes my speedy fingers made in order to get the thoughts out on paper. That part of the process is only the beginning.

A few days ago I got together with my publiser at Barnes & Noble to look at book cover styles and discuss the direction. A book cover is very important. When you are an unknown author this is THE one thing that catches a customers eye. Statistics say that 22% of people purchase a book based on its cover. So we have to be able to capture the books intent with an image and more importantly….a brand, that will carry over from each book of the series. My job this week is to write a description of what I am looking for on my cover so that we can get someone to do the work and capture the feeling of my book.

There is an important moment in any book that should be captured in my opinion. That moment is the defined turning point of the book. The moment you realize your characters purpose. For my character that was the moment he realized that he wasn’t alone in this cold world. What you need to know about my character Cedric is that he is a Walker. A dream-walker to be exact. Since he developed his power he lost his imagination and had to endure everyone else’s nightmares and dreams. That was until he met Saphira. That’s as far as I’m going to go into my story line for now. Cause my purpose and intent is to show you the process that it will take to get my book out there.

So I want to capture this moment on cover. Armaud and I met with my boyfriend James and we discussed what we had in mind.

I am thinking of dark captivating colors. Armaud said that when he read my book he saw black, and blue, and silver because everything momentous always happened at night. I agree, we are definitely on the same wavelength. I would like certain things on the color to give a metallic look, as if it is jumping off the page.

Branding is very important in the whole process. Apple does this at a level of perfection. One of the most beautiful things I described in my book was about a butterfly with cameras. So naturally that is our icon. Our branding. That butterfly will be on everything. From the spine to book marks to every where the title of my book series is placed.

When it comes to direction of how my cover art is done, I have come up with an idea and a list of don’t wants. Of course the artist that works on my piece will be given the passage of the book the drawing is inspired from and a description of what I want and my intent. As far as my advice to the person who works on my book this is what i have decided completely on:

  • No cartoon look.
  • Doesn’t have to be REAL but the illustration must cause one to think that this is real enough to be happening underneath their noses.
  • Clean cut and crisp.
  • Vibrant
  • Innovative
  • Capture that moment in the story.

This is exciting. Once we get the cover art and logo done we will start making bookmarks to start advertising! Stay tuned.


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