The World Is Not Enough

Awhile ago I started this blog as I was finishing my first book. I read in many publishing text that it was important to have a blog. The problem was that I just couldn’t think of anything to write about.

A few weeks ago I found my inspiration. I found someone who was as passionate about my dream as I was.

When you are new to the writing world you may suffer with many problems. Lack of awareness on how to get your work out there successfully, a battle with your ego and reality, and of course the issue of feeling alone with your book.

First step in finding a publisher is to start the query process. I queried a few literary agents and got rejected. The normal robotic response was, “We are not currently interested in your project as we deal with many different projects currently and we are very selective in those we take on. Please let this not stop you from reaching out to other agents since this industry leads to a variety of opinons”. How nice. The problem for a writer is that these agents only want to see a sumary of your work. So I have to be really good at fitting over 300 pages into a 250-500 word email. Its got to be so spectacular that when it arrives in the agents inbox it sticks out from the hundreds they receive each day. JOY!

So I had a dilema and I had no clue as to which problem I trully had.

  1. My book is not good enough. That is the tough one to swallow. I felt like my idea was innovative and creative, I had a few people who actually read it and liked it, but what is that to millions of people.
  2. My summary wasn’t proving why my book was THE BOOK. This is a problem. If I don’t summarize my book just right then everyone misses out on what I have to offer.

So I gave my first draft to a friend and continued to read on Interesting website. It is a place you can submit your query letter and they critique it publicaly. So i stopped querying to perfect my query skills (isn’t that ridiculous), which meant I had to read over 200 queries with corrections before I could write mine and send it to query shark to get pillaged.

Then something happened. My friend liked my book so much that her husband joked about it with a coworker. I believe he said something like, “My wife likes it so much that she won’t spend any time with me.” This coworker happened to own a publishing company called The World Is Not Enough. He asked for a copy of my book, which he received, and he liked it so much that he actually wanted to help me. I was excited cause this was someone who didn’t have to pretend not to hurt my feelings, he didn’t know me. When I talked to him he was passionate about my dream and he told me that wether we worked together or not he just wanted to help me. So I accepted.

Now I am on the track to publishing. I’m not alone, I have a team which is going to make my project stronger. Today I stand tall knowing that dreams can come true. So my adventure starts small. Right now my book is held by an editor who believes in the project too. I feel that I am leaving my book in very capable hands and with my editors help it will be a formidable contender.

I am very excited to continue on with this experience. I hope to make the series what it deserves to become. I want people to rejoice in my hero and watch him grow. I want them to expect the unexpected and always be asking questions.

Stay tuned to hear the ramblings of a series in the making. THE PROJECT E.D.E.N. SERIES. It is one of a kind captivating story for a wide audience. Please click the below site to be a fan of my journey.


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