I’m quite the unsocial being that I am constantly talking to people at work. However that has to change if I want my dream to come true so I have gone to the extremes. I have finished my first book in a series called Project E.D.E.N. and I am very please by it. I am extremely excited to write its sequel and prequel but first I am finishing the daunting process of reading my book trying to fit any final touches in that will spice it up. After this process I will be continuously applying to literary agents until one of two things happen. 1. I have gone through every reputable agent and have come up with nothing but rejection letters, or hopefully, 2. Someone says yes! However I have been told and truly understand that writing a book is one thing, but getting it published is a miracle. If the first happens then I will continue to write my second book and once that is done I will go into the adventurous tedious world of self-publishing. However this ends I will at least have something to entertain myself.

So each day I will push myself to re-read and then face the next step of my treacherous involvement in bruising my ego. LOL. And now I will continuously find ways to push myself into the social world of the cyber net and we will see how the chips fall.


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